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Designer with over 10 years experience in delivering creative visuals and solutions for a large and diverse list of products and media, taking them from 0 to 1 and beyond.


At Last Gameboard I have been responsible for our main product, Gameboard, from its infancy. I have been responsible for taking our concept of a Tabletop Gaming Console and bringing it to our point of release.


Gameboard Companion is a mobile app that is used when playing some games on the Gameboard. I was responsible for all design aspects for this project, from vision to released product.

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game design

Have worked on digitizing many tabletop games while at Last Gameboard, as Principal on the projects. This includes building UI, Assets, and Animations, both based on existing creative vision and creating much myself.


Omakase is a client project to design around existing wireframes, an intuitive and easy way to book experiences in the style of "omakase," or "chef's choice." As a team we were responsible for all UI, Branding, and Prototyping. Finishing with a package handoff to developers.

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about me

Product Designer and Art Director with a history in fine arts, education, a flair for the weird and eccentric, and a passion for playful and stimulating user experiences. I'm also an avid tabletop gamer, and I like to bring those ideas and passions into my designs, as well as the spacial awareness from the art studio and my experiences with lesson planning and classroom management.



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