Studio Arts

Sculpture, Painting, Illustration

In addition to my work in Product Design, I have a very strong history in studio arts. With my MFA being in sculpture, its still a big part of my life, and something I continually work on. I also like to continually work on my illustration skills and my paintings.


My sculptural work encompasses many mediums, but mostly focuses on using material as a language to communicate the intentions of the piece. I borrow a lot of philosophy from Wabi Sabi, and minimalist ideals.


Painting was the first medium I learned in art school, and really its something I still have a great passion for. I mostly look to the abstract expressionists, and then modern day graffiti artists, pattern making, and post impressionists.


In my illustration work I like to explore the pop, comic, and vintage print design aesthetics. I use a lot of textures, and bright colours.