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Product Design
Branding & Mobile App

April 2020

Project Background

Vente is a conceptual project that I individually worked on the spring of 2020. I was given wireframes and was only responsible for mid to high fidelity screens, branding, interactive prototypes, marketing sites, and a style guide.

My Roles

  • UX Design Revisits & Elaborations
  • Visual Design & Illustration
  • Branding
  • Design Systems
  • Interactive Prototyping
  • Marketing Sites
  • User Interviews & Testing

Product Details

Vente is a conceptual project, solving the problem of responsive, local, and up to date events close to the user.

The Problem

The local scene is experiencing an overload of shareable information. Today’s consumers are over saturated with local events, meet-ups, and group activities. Despite the endless sea of happenings, people continue their struggle to find activities that align with their personal interests.

What I Was given

  • Low Fidelity Wireframes
  • User Personas

The Challenge

In 6 weeks create the visual design for a mobile responsive platform that reimagines how people can search and find activities that reflect their interests. You are required to take user research conducted by a UX team and produce high-fidelity designs. At the end of 6 weeks, you must have a high-fidelity prototype, marketing sites, style guide, and UI kit.

Where i Started


Vente required me to create all the branding for the product.
In establishing the brand identity of Vente I started with the following...
  • Moods & Influences
  • Colours, Style & Feel
  • Logo Design & Iterations


With the problem being an event app, I wanted to convey that feeling you get when your waiting under a marquee board for the doors to open, or that live and energetic performance you get at a punk show, bold, and violent.


What ended up coming out of the moodboards, was a sense of high contrast, energetic, bold accents, and hard "analog" edges throughout.

Logo Sketches

Getting a feel for what direction I wanted to proceed with, I began sketching and working out the logo for Vente.

Logo Sketches


Mobile App

Going from the provided low fidelity wireframes, we then went forward with applying our brand styling to the app itself using Adobe Xd.


The very first drafts were taken almost directly from the wireframes given. Text styles and colours were applied, with little revisists to the UX flow at this point.

Prototype Draft

User flow as tested is as follows...
  • Sign Up & Onboarding Process
  • Joining a Yoga Group & Checking Your Profile
View Prototype

User Interviewing

Two user interviews were conducted regarding aesthetics and general feel. Takeaways were as follows...
  • Use of colours was strongly liked by both users interviewed.
  • The black and white photo treatment was barely noticed and was said to have fitted the aesthetic.
  • Users wanted more clarity with the onboarding process as well as the alerts page.
  • The icons were well received and one User said they like the rock symbol one a lot.
  • Both Users were disappointed in the functionality of the prototype.
  • Both Users wanted only the heart to show selected as orange instead of the whole button on selection.
  • Both Users wanted more depth in the app for testing.

Marketing Site

Layout Sketches FOr Marketing Sites

In making the marketing site UI, I first sketched out each breakpoint.

Browser Breakpoint

Tablet Breakpoint

Mobile Breakpoint

Marketing Site Prototypes

User flow as tested is as follows...
Browser PrototypeTablet PrototypeMobile Prototype

Final Design


The final Vente Prototype was the result of the six weeks working on it. As a conceptual project, I feel like it was successful in its purpose.

User Flow

  • Either Sign Up, or Login as the user.
  • Sort events by Location.
  • Select "Not Your Mother's Yoga Class."
  • You can then select any of the bottom navigation items.
View Prototype

Prototype Video Walkthrough

Video was made using InVision and a screen recorder.

Style Guide

View Style Guide

Next Steps

Takeaways & Going Forward

With my final prototype user tests, there is a bit to still touch on. The flow in general could be cleaned up. Users stated it as being too many steps for a result. Then, in addition, there were some design elements that didnt necessarily communicate clearly enough, such as menu items and selectors.

If I had More Time

I feel like if I had more time with this project, I would have actually built the marketing site. I also would have continued to work outany issues found in testing and keep working to make it as polished as I could.
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